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Welcome to the openSUSE Localization portal, where you find resources for practical translation work, such as:

openSUSE Localization Statistic Statistics

Graphical statistics of what's already translated in the trunk branch.

openSUSE Localization Guide Translation Guide

The openSUSE Translation Guide where you can find out how to introduce a new language to openSUSE, how to translate the user interface, the documentation, and everything related to this process.

openSUSE Translators Teams

The current list of openSUSE translation teams and their coordinators.

news News

13. January 2012 Stats page changes
openSUSE 12.1 branch was successfully established and added to stats, outdated 11.1 and 11.2 branches dropped, see mailinglist.

9. December 2011 Moving Localization SVN… again
openSUSE Localization SVN is moved to svn.opensuse.org, see mailinglist.

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